A black BMW hurtles through the night streets of Moscow, chased. A chain of events with showdowns and shootouts has brought four men, four friends outside the law, together. In a life without rules, they have no way back, and the black "Bimmer", powerful and reliable, carries them ever further from Moscow, into the wild and merciless isolation of the Russian hinterlands... None of them wanted to kill. None of them wanted to die. But they will have to travel this road to the end.

Pyotr Buslov - Biografia
Director-scriptwriter-actor Pyotr Buslov was born in 1976 in Khabarovsk and grew up in Vladivostok. He graduated from the VGIK (Moscow Film School) in 2004 before shooting his first film, as a cameraman, with Daniil Gurevich and starring in Ilya Khotinenko’s The Odyssey (1989). While still a student, he made his debut with Bummer, the first Tarantino-esque blockbuster of Russian cinema, presented as a Special Screening at the Moscow International Film Festival. His subsequent Bummer 2 was a domestic box office hit. In 2009 he was in the Horizons sidebar of the Venice Film Festival with “Urgent Repair,” an episode in the collective film Crush, comprising five shorts by four other noteworthy directors of the contemporary Russian film scene: Boris Khlebnikov, Ivan Vyrypayev, Kirill Serebrennikov and Aleksey German Jr.

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