Fotofinish 2

Fotofinish 2

Filmed from October through December of 2003, during the operation Odissea nello Spazio Zero at Rome’s Teatro Spazio Zero, the film presents the theatrical play Fotofinish (2003), not as a single, continuous work but as the actors’ evolution in time as, rehearsal after rehearsal, they mature their consciousness of space and experience the joys of the mise-en-scene.

Flavia Mastrella and Antonio Rezza, artists, writers, directors and actors in films, theater and television, have been working together since 1987. In 1991 they debuted with the short Suppietij. Flavia Mastrella has exhibited her sculptures in various Italian galleries. Antonio Rezza has published the novels Non cogito ergo digito (1998) and Ti squamo (1999). Together they created the television program Troppolitani (1999-2000) and have directed nine theatrical productions.

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