John Fante. Profilo di scrittore

John Fante. Profilo di scrittore

On the occasion of the round table dedicated to John Fante, the festival is presenting a documentary on one of the greatest writers of the 20th century, who Bukowski considered his teacher. Shot between Italy and the US, the film features numerous interviews, literary citations, photos and private, never-before-seen documents. In this journey into the life and work of Fante, we also come across an unusual character in Torricella Peligna (Abruzzo) – the Fante family’s hometown – which narrates the feats of its illustrious descendent.

The continuous intersection of anger and candor is what fascinates me in John Fante. Added to this is his extreme lucidity in relating the mental conditions of the “borderline” (ethnic, sentimental or otherwise). But it is his irony that renders him unforgettable.
Giovanna Di Lello

Giovanna Di Lello is a documentary director and organizer of cultural events. Her works include Il razzismo indiscreto degli americani. Incontro con Noam Chomsky, La ballata del calzolaio, A Dream In The Purple Sea. Pascal D’Angelo and Auschwitz. Lungo i binari della memoria. She is artistic director of the “Il Dio di mio padre” Literary Festival of Torricella Peligna, dedicated to John Fante.

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