Las películas de mi padre

Las películas de mi padre

Her father is dead and his daughter remembers nothing. But when she sees the films he made before she was born, doubts about her family, especially about the mother she never knew, begin to bother her. In an attempt to solve the mystery she seeks out those who worked with her father.

The film recounts the nightmare I went through years ago when I discovered that negatives of some of my shorts were missing. I began a police investigation to find them, to prove they were mine, and to deposit them in the Filmoteca Española. This led to me to understand the inexorable deterioration of cinematic patrimony, the lack of interest from the institutions and bureaucracy’s domination.
Augusto M. Torres

Writer, critic, theoretician, producer, director and screenwriter, Augusto Martínez Torres (1942, Madrid) returns to Pesaro after presenting his first film, La mano de madera, in 1968. In the 1970s, after working with Glauber Rocha on Cutting Heads, he began making and producing short films. In 1979 he produced Iván Zulueta’s cult film Rapture.

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