Luce dei Kardia

Luce dei Kardia

Born in Rome in 1978, Riccardo Ponis’graduation thesis from the University of Sapienza was entitled “Knowledge and techniques in digital, theatre and film works.” Since 2002 he has been in the band Metibla ( and since 2003 has directed shorts and music videos, including for Kardia (“Sanguina,” “Luce”), Inferno (“Bar/Bar/Bar Minimizer” and the recent “V Fisik’s Hall of Shame” and “V.H.S.”).

Kardia was formed in Rome in January 2001 with the aim of freeing the soul’smost intimate voice through music; of designing with the power of sound and evocative charge of words the jagged, daily reality that surrounds and absorbs each and every one of us.

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