The story of a family of Italian origin and of three brothers set in the early 1950s in Queens, New York. The eldest, Mac, is a carpenter who decides to start his own business, forcing his brothers to join him. Investing all they have in order to become their own bosses, they buy a plot of land. His two younger brothers, however, grow increasingly more irritated with Mac and his implacable, perfectionist superiority, and eventually abandon him. The film won Turturro the Caméra d’Or at Cannes.

With Mac one could say that Turturro wanted to come to terms with his past, his roots. His film is a passionate tribute to his carpenter father, and to an entire generation of Italian, Polish, European immigrants. Centered on the physicality of manual labor, Mac is another film on the American Dream (its high costs and dynamics), on society’s class divisions, on the flip side of the familial conception of the life that sustains the Italian community. Scorsese’s influence is felt, especially in the beautiful opening sequence of his father’s funeral, as well as that of the Coens in a certain tendency towards an expressionistic deformation of the perspective, in the excited direction of the actors.
Morando Morandini, Il Giorno

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