Mary Jane (Unofficial Spaghetti cut) di Dieter Shoon

Mary Jane (Unofficial Spaghetti cut) di Dieter Shoon

Francesco Calabrese was born near Cuneo in 1980 and lives in Turin. After abandoning his humanities studies, he began working in cinema and since 2002 has made over 40 music videos, for inter- national and Italian artists (including Nek, Daniele Silvestri, Amari and The Bloody Beetroots), as well as numerous ads and short films. He is currently preparing his feature debut. His site is

Dieter Shöön is a psychedelic Swedish musician. “Mary Jane” is off of his album Lablaza. Unofficial Spaghetti Cut, starring Simona Nasi, contains superimposed silhouettes from The Good, the Bad and the Uglyand other spaghetti westerns.

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