In the fall of 1917, 23-year-old Dr. Polyakov lands his first job, at a hospital in a provincial town, replacing a much more expert doctor. Faced with medical problems of all kinds, for which he does not feel adequately prepared, Polyakov begins taking increasingly greater doses of morphine. Based on Mikhail Bulgakov’s Notes of a Young Doctor, Morphia is a film “about a brilliant man who hits rock bottom.” (Aleksey Balabanov)

Aleksey Balabanov - Biography
Director-screenwriter-producer Aleksey Balabanov was born in Sverdlovsk in 1959. In 1981 he graduated from the Foreign Languages College of Gorky, and in 1990 from the experimental Director’s Cinema course of the Higher Courses for Scriptwriters and Directors. He made two documentaries before making his narrative feature debut in 1991. With Sergey Selianov and Vasily Grigoriev in 1992 he founded the CTV production company, through which he has made all of his films. Already well known at home for the crime movies Brother (for which he won the Crystal Globe at Karlovy Vary and the Fipresci Prize at the Turin Film Festival in 1997) and Brother 2, Balabanov went on garner international acclaim for his shocking and controversial Cargo 200 and Morphia.

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