Novembre di Nada (Arrangiata Dai Fleurs Des Maladives)

Novembre di Nada (Arrangiata Dai Fleurs Des Maladives)

Andrea Falbo initially started out as a graphic designer, working in everything from web design to the journalism. In 2002 he directed a short commissioned by the Cult Network and for several years has worked exclusively in video, editing, traditional animation, stop-motion and motion design, applying his skills to music videos, for which he oversees both the strictly narrative and technical sides.

A graphic designer and animator, Andrea Gianfelice currently alternates between working as a motion designer and freelance graphic designer.

Asymbolic voyage whose elements at first seem little more than stereotypes become rich images and complex meanings, as a counterpoint to the simultaneously peaceful and bitter atmospheres suggested by the song rearranged by Fleurs des Maladives, a band from Como.

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