Once Upon a Time in the Provinces

Once Upon a Time in the Provinces

The regular turbulence of small town life unexpectedly changes with the arrival of Nastya, the star of a popular soap opera. Her popularity has vanished as rapidly as it appeared, and now she has no one else to turn to apart from her sister Vera. Disappointed with her life and with herself, Nastya is trying to start over. When she starts socializing with the locals, tensions arise among the friends and secrets and mysteries come to light.

Katiya Shagalova - Biography
Katiya Shagalova was born in Moscow in 1976 and graduated in Screenwriting from VGIK and in Directing from GITIS (Russian Academy of Theatre Arts). While still a student, she worked on the musical comedy Tomorrowland, directed by British director John Adams at Moscow’s Novaya Opera Theatre, and was later invited to London’s Royal Court Theatre to present several plays, including her own, Pavlov’s Dog. In 2001 Russian broadcaster TV6 commissioned her to make a film about a mental institution, but the station shut down just when the film was completed. In 2005 a part of the film and the experience she gained making it went into her feature debut of the same name, Pavlov’s Dog. In 2008 she directed her second film, Once Upon a Time in the Provinces.

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