Roulette Cinese: Lovesong / Banalmente Dipendente

Roulette Cinese: Lovesong / Banalmente Dipendente

Born in Turin in 1967, where he still lives, Alessandro Amaducci wrote his graduation thesis on “Video art: Problems with theory and language.” He currently teaches video at the DAMS of Turin. He alternates his artistic activity between comic strips, theatre and music. He has worked with the National Film Archives of the Resistance, making documentaries on WWII, the Resistance and workers’demonstrations; and with the Juvarra Theatre of Turin for several multi-media shows. He currently makes video art, video installations,
documentaries, music videos and multi-media shows, as well as VJs, and is often involved in the music for his projects.

Lovesong: Female creatures build a heart for an unknown destination.

Banalmente Diipendente: The addiction of the next millennium: one’s own image.

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