A teacher and writer, Bruno has been living in apathy for some time now. He ghostwrites the biographies of famous people and as a teacher has been reduced to giving private lessons at home. One of his students, the irreverent 15-year-old Luca, has little desire to learn. One day the boy’s mother gives Bruno shocking news: Luca is his son. She is leaving on a long job abroad so Bruno will have to take care of Luca, for the first time.

“Not original yet fresh, without pretensions yet honest, Scialla! goes down like a cool glass of water, tempering some of the overly em- phatic à la carte emotions, disguising reassuring do-good sentiments with a ‘poetic’ coup de théâtre. Above all, it opens – or at least signals – a third path for Italian comedy that aims neither at crass laughs...or a mono-generational target...and as such is assuredly deceptive.” Federico Pontiggia,

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