Selezione del Festival Internazionale Signes de Nuit

Selezione del Festival Internazionale Signes de Nuit

The International Festival Signes de Nuit of Paris comprises films that reflects new views, original imagery and a critical approach to the crucial points of the modern human existence. It is a place for cinema that expands its own boundaries, that is astonishing, different, potentially free from the pressure of tradition, ready to give itself to the unpredictable experiment.
Special artistic forms of these films –which combine music, image, movement, rhythm, text, space, lighting and time – carry not only an aesthetic purpose, but also broaden the possibilities of communication and understanding between people of different international communities, with their mental, social and physiological phenomena. This is the responsibility of the modern cinema and audiovisual production. This opposition and the preservation of the free cultural space is the goal of the International
Festival Signes de Nuit, which has held screenings and events in 25 countries including Algeria, Australia, Chile, Cuba, Lebanon, Lithuania, Indonesia, Japan, Peru, Russia, Tunisia, Turkey and the United States; besides the main festival in Paris, which at its 2009 edition screened approximately 200 works from 50 countries.

Dieter Wieczorek -


La Bohème
Werner Herzog
Regno Unito
2009 / 35 mm / 4’

Snakes (Serpents)
Patrick Jolley
2009 / Beta / 5’

Almagul Menlibayeva
2009 / DV / 11’

Présence simple futur parfait (Simple Presence Future Perfect)
Davide Pepe
2008 / Video / 5’

Experimente des Leibes
Hagen Wiel
2010 / DV / 20’

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