The Hollow

The Hollow

In the early 20th century a village holds a ceremony in which the women disrobe and walk the streets, through the early morning mist, to ward off devils. But the demons that haunt this story are not so easily dispersed. Based on early prose pieces by Sergei Yesenin, The Hollow shows Kostya entering into a short-lived arranged marriage with Anna. When he discovers her with another man, he leaves the village and the locals assume he drowned in the Volga. The Hollow is a place that holds people. If they leave they will die.

Marina Razbezhkina - Biography
Born in Moscow, Marina Razbezhkina graduated from Kazan University in 1971. From 1986-89 she worked as a documentary writer, schoolteacher and journalist. In 1989 she made her first documentary and in 2003 her first narrative feature, Harvest Time, winner of the FIPRESCI Prize at the Moscow International Film Festival and Best Debut Film at the Honfleur and Trieste film festivals.

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