The Railway

The Railway

Mischa, a mute boy, sets out on a surrealistic journey with his father and two men aboard an old Soviet locomotive loaded with stolen coal they intend to sell off on their way through the borderless steppes of inner Russia. The locomotive was once called “Tsar the Vampire” and was a symbol of enormous power that could be compared with the energy of the entire world. In parallel, sequences keep reappearing of a mysterious travelling circus, whose odd artists the four protagonists encounter along their way.

Aleksey Fedorchenko - Biography
Aleksey Fedorchenko was born in Sol-Iletsk, Siberia, in 1966. After completing his studies at the Polytechnic Institute, he worked on space defense projects in a factory in Sverdlovsk. In 1990 he became an economist, then vice-director of the Sverdlosk Film Studio. In 2000 he took over as director the Studio’s production department, working on over 80 films. Since studying dramaturgy at the VGIK, he has written numerous documentaries and won various festival awards, including the Grand Prix at Stockholm. He found the screenplay to his directorial debut First on the Moon (presented in the Horizons sidebar of the 2005 Venice Film Festival) on the Internet, transforming the science fiction story into a documentary, for which he used old cameras and special techniques for aging the material.

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