Three kids witnessed a dramatic event in their youth that still haunts them today. Were they only witnesses or also responsible? While everything shimmers with religious excitement around the annual procession of Iztapalapa, a forgotten corner of Mexico City, Andrés, José and Felipe, now 18, wrestle with memories and guilt. “The three characters’ stories blend with the need to create a social portrait: the Iztapalapa’s representation of Christ’s Passion, the water shortage problem and the threat of social violence.” Alejandro Gerber Bicecci

Alejandro Gerber Bicecci - Biography
Alejandro Gerber Bicecci (Mexico City, 1977) graduated with honors in Film Directing from the Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica
(CCC). Before making his feature debut Vaho he wrote and directed three narrative shorts – Abandonos (1999), Huéspedes (2001) and Peatonal (2004) – and the documentaries Onces (2002) and Morada (2003). A winner of numerous awards for his shorts, in 2006 Gerber Bicecci obtained backing from the PROA Foundation of Buenos Aires, where he lived for four months while developing Vaho. He works regularly as a director, screenwriter and editor of
television and radio programs and has taught at the CCC.

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