Walino - Ie Chess La Realdà

Walino - Ie Chess La Realdà

Nico Angiuli has directed documentaries and medium-length experimental videos. His works include OTNARAT- Taranto a futuro inverso, Mi chiamo Albaniaand Miracolo sotto il Vesuvio.As a professional photo-reporter and videomaker, Christian Mantuano works with numerous national agencies and magazines. She is co-founder with Nico Angiuli of the Cromiae video produc-
tion company.

“Under the stairwell, young musicians; on the ground floor stern men who are brusque from fatigue; on the first floor, young mothers smoke the landscape looking down at the asphalt. The lives of the inhabitants of CEP, a working-class neighborhood in Bari, to the words and music of Nico Antonacci, a.k.a. Walino. The video was produced by Cromiae (www.cromiae.com)”.

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