Welcome Europa

Welcome Europa

Thousands of illegal immigrants roam the streets of European cities. They are invisible. Welcome Europa follows eight young Kurdish, Moroccan and Romanian men as they try to make their way in Paris, Amsterdam and Madrid. Without legal documents, entirely on their own, they struggle for survival. A hot meal and a rare shower are pretty much all the help they get. The “European Dream” falls apart even as they reach to welcome it. In their raw existence on the streets, prostitution looms like an inevitable destination. Sink or swim, they all face the ultimate question: what is it to be a man?

A visual artist, writer, screenwriter and director, Bruno Ulmer (1959, Fes, Morocco) started as a practicing physician. He was the project manager for a Communication Counseling Agency in Paris and the head of cultural and humanitarian patronage for the Danone Group. He is currently developing a documentary on the Maras (gangs) in Salvador and Los Angeles and another on Cuban cinema during the Revolution.

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