A nameless mother and a girl, constantly on the run. The mother runs away from the daughter in an attempt to start a new life. The girl, unwelcome and unloved, has no idea how to live without her mother. Mistakes are always repeated during this endless flight that resembles a spinning top (‘wolf’ in Russian), the girl’s only toy and the only thing that ties her to her mother. But one day the running comes to an end. “I just hope that the story tells [people] something new about love and its absence, about evil and about their own souls.” (Vasili Sigarev)

Vasili Sigarev - Biography
Born in the Central Urals in 1977, Vasili Sigarev studied education before taking courses in dramaturgy from Nikolay Kolyada. He drew international attention in 2002 when his play Plasticine was staged at London’s Royal Court Theatre. The play was a great success and Sigarev took the Charles Wintour Prize for Most Promising Playwright. Since 2003 he has written 18 plays that have been staged at many theaters in Russia and abroad. He transformed his play Wolfy into his feature directorial debut, and the film took the top award at the 2009 Kinotavr Festival in Sochi.

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