24 June
Saturday 24-06-2023
time 21:30
Bagni Agata n.57

pff2021 art marona

Elio Petri


Italy/France 1973 , 126'


LA PROPRIETÀ NON È PIÙ UN FURTO di Paolo e Vittorio Taviani

Projections on film with 35mm prints from co-organizing partner Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia - National Film Archive

Debuting in 2022 under the most fortunate auspices offered by an amazing number of anniversaries and celebrations, La vela incantata/The Magic Screen is back in Pesaro, at the Bagni Agata beach, with a ‘new’ programme of projections on 35mm film. Once again, the screenings are organised thanks to an agreement with the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia. Almost to confirm its inclination to sail back in time, the film selection looks back at fifty years ago, picking movies that appeared on Italian screens (small and big; read on to know more) in 1973. It is a way to acknowledge, once again, how diverse the Italian film industry was in a season that is often defined as unique. You would have Federico Fellini’s I Remember released at Christmastime, and two months earlier, Francesco Rosi’s Lucky Luciano along with Sergio Citti’s Bawdy Tales. What’s more, Fabio Carpi would debut with the non-existent (as he called his film, even back then blaming distrustful distributors in spite of Storaro’s cinematography) Body of Love, and yet the subtlest critics would notice his work; Carmelo Bene would direct One Hamlet Less; and the second Rai TV channel would premiere the Taviani brothers’ San Michele aveva un gallo – as Nanni Moretti has just recalled during the Netflix briefing scene in A Brighter Tomorrow.

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