19 June
Monday 19-06-2023
time 21:30
Piazza del Popolo

pff2021 art marona

Enrico Bisi, Donato Sansone


Italy 2022 , 3'46''


I NOSTRI GIORNI - Andrea Laszlo De Simone (Italia, 2022, 3’46’’) di Enrico Bisi, Donato Sansone


On its year #3, the Vedomusica sidebar continues to act as a thermometer of trending music and video, offering a reliable snapshot of the Italian scene of music videos. Also, it’s a radar that picks up the names of directors who currently contribute to the language
of this short form in Italy. We chose twenty titles broadening the horizon as much as possible, taking into account different genres and production approaches – from Sanremo mainstream to indie, including actual niche products – and thus find as many brands, i.e., video makers who relate to the diversity of the musical proposal and tackle their work of turning music to images in equally varied creative manners. The goal is to represent so many gazes and ways of adapting a language that, intercepting the spirit of the times and dominant themes, seeks harmony with the viewer, looks at current events from unexpected angles, certifies imaginaries, updates devices, renews patterns, and experiments with techniques. The shortlist will be decided by the audience, who gets to choose three videos through Instagram stories, and the selection committee, who vote for another three. The resulting six titles will be presented during the festival evenings, and a qualified jury will designate the winner. This year too, Vedomusica offers a Focus on an Italian video maker. Following those on Uolli and Luca Lumaca, the protagonist of this retrospective is Simone Rovellini.