25 June
Friday 25-06-2021
time 21:30
Piazza del Popolo

pff art musica leggerissima

Zavvo Nicolosi

MUSICA LEGGERISSIMA – Colapesce e Dimartino

Italia , 3’43’’

Vedomusica is the section of the Festival that explores the Italian music video scene, the hybrid form that allows us to watch a song and listen to its images. Twenty clips, then, to tell the story of the Italian music video of the past year; twenty works that have been chosen by drawing on all different creative experiences: different artists and musical styles, as well as the directing personalities involved and the production situations witnessed. The intention is to offer a cross-section, as composite as possible, of the methods of a language that, intercepting the trends in progress, reinvents itself continuously, renewing devices, updating figures, and experimenting with new techniques. An art whose practice, even in this country, appears as a site of imaginative, original and peculiar expressive dimensions of which Vedomusica aspires to be a credible observatory. In this sense, the range of the selection goes from more markedly mainstream products to works of independent production (sometimes to the point of self-sufficiency), involving established videomakers and new recruits, in a melting pot of styles and representative practices that bear witness to the ways in which the contemporary imagination is evolving. From the videos of hit songs and chart-topping artists – who challenge the standard, interpreting or distorting it – to niche tracks that focus on exploration and suggestive visual concepts and ideas.

There are a wide range of proposals in the contest that, in two phases, will end with the announcement of the public's favourite music video.