20 June
Tuesday 20-06-2023
time 18:00
Teatro Sperimentale - Sala Grande

Il mio film

Patxi Burillo Nuin


Spagna 2022 , 15'25''


With the presence of the director and the selector Paola Cassano

What are these viewers watching, with their ravished faces, while the camera dwells on each and every expression? And who are these grey, shabby crowds portrayed in old and worn b&w photographs? True, at some point they will be actual audiences of a movie screening. But earlier, they were groups of worshipers from all over Spain who gathered in the little Guipuzcoan village to gain a first-hand experience of the so called 1931 “Ezkio Events”, i.e., alleged apparitions of the Virgin Mary to two little siblings who only spoke Basque. “The film interrogates the act of seeing and poses a question: ‘Is it possible to believe again in what one sees, in the place where one once believed?’” (Patxi Burillo Nuin)


MILENA GIERKE crediti Martin Schoeller


Born in Pamplona in 1990, Patxi Burillo Nuin obtained a degree in architecture from the Universidad de Navarra and a postgraduate diploma in investigation and experimental cinema practice. A co-founder of the firm O Arquitectura and the company Arquitectura Filmada, he combines his skills with teaching. Argileak, his first short, earned a development prize at the Navarra Encuentros de Arte Joven and premiered at Punto de Vista International Documentary Film Festival.


cinematography Pablo Paloma, Mirari Echávarri
editing Jaume Claret, Pablo Paloma, Óscar Vincentelli, Patxi Burillo
sound mix José María Avilés, Elisa Celda
producer Martín Besné, Julieta Juncadell
voice over Sara Hernández