17 June
Monday 17-06-2024
time 21.30
Piazza del Popolo

Il mio film

Giulio Rosati

UN’ALTRA STORIA - Marco Mengoni feat. Franco 126

Italia 2023 , 3'22''


Vedomusica - Videoclip italiani
UN’ALTRA STORIA - Marco Mengoni feat. Franco 126 (Italia, 2023, 3’22’’) di Giulio Rosati



curated by Luca Pacilio

Now in its fourth year, the Vedomusica sidebar explores the Italian music video production on a music scene , the contemporary one, in which the visual offer is ever more significant: Instagram reels and stories, Tik Tok videos, and visuals (now ruling in Spotify) prove that the current dissemination of music video contents uploads are no longer played on a exclusive platform, but in increasingly hybrid and fragmentary forms. If an artist’s proposal in images has now become a must, video productions still rely on a precarious economy. In conclusion, the reality of Italian music video is as crucial as it is tough: this section continues to be its privileged observatory, with a programme drawing from both mainstream and independent productions and presenting a wide range of video directors, whether well-established or emerging.
The twenty-titles shortlist will be slimmed down - by the audience, who gets to choose three videos through Instagram stories, and the selection committee, who vote for another three - to six videos, to be presented during the festival evenings. A quality jury will then designate the winner.
Our usual focus is dedicated to Enea Colombi, one of the key figures of the current scene, who in 2023 was the first Italian video maker who won a UK Music Video Award. On this occasion, the Pesaro Film Festival will screen select items out of his videography, one of the most amazing and original in the past decade.



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