Public notices

Bando 2021 concorso
Pesaro Nuovo Cinema
Premio Lino Miccichè

After the success of the last edition, with the revolution of the international competition, even this year the search for the 'new' cinema will open to all formats and all directors, without barriers of age, duration, 'genre'.

The idea is to map and select the flow of global images with attention to new and more innovative forms of language. [Selection curated by Pedro Armocida, Paola Cassano, Cecilia Ermini, Anthony Ettorre e Raffaele Meale]

Attached are the regulations for the "Pesaro Nuovo Cinema 2021 Competition" to which films of all genres and languages, made on any medium, may be submitted, provided they have not been released in Italy.

The deadline for filling in the entry form is 12 April 2021.