17 June
Saturday 17-06-2023
time 17:50
Teatro Sperimentale - Sala Grande

Il mio film

Giuseppe Tornatore


Italia/Francia 1990 , 126’


The Special Event is co-organised with Fondazione Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia - Cineteca Nazionale in collaboration with Cinecittà SpA. The Special Event presents all of Giuseppe Tornatore's feature films for theatrical release.

Retracing the career of Giuseppe Tornatore means focusing our attention on one of the last Italian film directors for whom cinema is still bigger than life. He has the ability to address as much public as possible, transfiguring his own very personal obsessions all the while thinking his films projected on the widest possible screen. A craftsman of cinema and film stock literally – he was a projectionist as a boy – over forty years of activity Tornatore, the last witness of an era, has managed to establish a dialogue with the great captains courageous in the twilight years, i.e., film producers such as Goffredo Lombardo (The Professor) or Franco Cristaldi (Cinema Paradiso), and create the last blockbuster of the Italian film industry, Baarìa. 

The Italian Film Special Event dedicated to Giuseppe Tornatore is composed of the retrospective of his films for theatrical release, a concluding round table with his presence, and a monograph that aims to place in the correct critical perspective a very cinephile film director – see the list of never released comments on his favourite movies. His ‘oldfashionedness’ is in fact the universal style trademark that has taken him from native Sicily – like distant voices still lives even in his early documentaries – up to Hollywood, where he was awarded the Oscar for Cinema Paradiso that has just turned 35. 


Giuseppe Tornatore. Il cinema e i film, volume #85 in the Nuovocinema collection founded by Lino Miccichè, contains essays by: Alberto Anile, Pedro Armocida, Roberto Calabretto, Gianni Canova, Marianna Cappi, Valerio Caprara, Paola Casella, Rossella Catanese, Ilaria Feole, Federico Giordano, Federico Gironi, Anton Giulio Mancino, Andrea Mariani, Rocco Moccagatta, Emiliano Morreale, Serafino Murri, Giona A. Nazzaro, Paolo Noto, Ninni Panzera, Alberto Pezzotta, Giulio Sangiorgio, Gaetano Savatteri, Mario Sesti, Sergio Sozzo, Aldo Spiniello, Sergio Toffetti, Giuseppe Tornatore, and Paola Zeni.