22 August
Saturday 22-08-2020
time 21:15
Piazza del Popolo


Anthony Ettorre, Ruben Camillas


Luccichini Dappertutto
by Anthony Ettorre

The yearwas 2015. The day,June 24th. Wewere at Palazzo Gradari, during the 50+1 edition ofthe Pesaro Film Festival. Musica per Bambini – one ofthe craziest and most avantgarde bands of Italy – were about to begin their concert. I was with Mirko, aka Zagor Camillas, who was excited for this innovation introduced in the festival schedule, i.e., a space for live music reserved for the most interesting independent musical realities in Italy. This was the stepping-stone for The Wall of Sound, a venue dedicated to experimentation and research in which artists from the most varied backgrounds would give new acoustic shapesto classic images or pictures created for that occasion. And so, over the last few years, Ovo, Jukka Reverberi, Max Collini, The Camillas, Mario Mariani, Alessandra Bosco, Mai Mai Mai, Uccelli, Bologna Violenta, Emidio Clementi, Corrado Nuccini, Paolo Spaccamonti, Ramon Moro, Torba, Exxon Waltz, OoopopoiooO, Supersuono, Earthset, Marco and Luca Fagotti, Uochi Toki, Barnacles, and Tiresia have fleshed out a mutant nocturnal creature made ofsuggestions and surprises.

Energies enveloped in a blanket of pure, brazen avant-garde. On July 8th, 2016, The Camillas added a live soundtrack to Buster Keaton and “Fatty” Arbuckle like no one had ever dared, in an amazing, hilarious, unrivalled show. It was as unrivalled as any other The Camillas concert, never the same as the previous ones, always charged with happiness and wonder. That was The Camillas, and their disconcerting authenticity and beauty. With the passing of Mirko Bertuccioli, The Camillas’ songs are left to eternity. They become classics in their own right, and it is everyone’s duty to know and celebrate them. Mirko Bertuccioli (aka Zagor Camillas), along with Vittorio Ondedei (aka Ruben Camillas), have collaborated with The Wall of Sound since 2017. To my greatest delight, I was going to share its artistic direction with them beginning this year. A pandemic has hindered this project, opening a frightening abyss right under our feet.

On August 22, 2020, this abyss will be filled with flowers and stars. In Pesaro. In Piazza del Popolo. On the stage. Thank you, Mirko, for the beauty of your advice and the enthusiasm that you still convey. LUCCICHINI DAPPERTUTTO is all for you. This night is also dedicated to Eugenio Giordani, a professor at the Pesaro Conservatory who played one night in 2016 at The Wall of Sound (The Music of Herbie Hancock in the cinema of Michelangelo Antonioni). He also died prematurely, from Covid, last April.



Luccichini Dappertutto
by Ruben Camillas

LUCCICHINI DAPPERTUTTO, you see glitter everywhere, swirling around, reflecting the light, lighting up the faces. In Pesaro on August 22, 2020, there will be many of us. We will play and sing the songs of The Camillas to still feel close to – as it will always be – Zagor Mirko Bertuccioli Camillas (a name for a King of music, you bet!). 

Maria Antonietta, Colombre, Bluebeaters, Brace, Calcutta, PopX, Giacomo Laser, Vanessa Vermuth, Auroro Borealo, Lo Stato Sociale, Duo Bucolico, and Ruben, Michael and Theodore Camillas. 

All together, all mixed up and feeling emotional, we will be the hands and the faces of a loss that does not surrender to a private memory but, instead, still wants to utter life and its beauty aloud.