Places & Hospitality

Piazza del Popolo

Located in between the cardo and decumano of the ancient roman city, Piazza del Popolo is the main square in Pesaro and owes its present structure to various renovation works throughout the centuries. The City Hall building – right next to Teatro Sperimentale – the Prefecture and the Central Post Office overlook the square.

Since 2000, during the Pesaro Film Festival the square becomes a huge open-air cinema for evening projections, hosting up to 800 sits.

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Teatro Cinema

Built in the same year as the first edition of the Festival and refurbished in 1994, the Teatro Cinema Sperimentale is located in the rear part of the City Hall building. At its entrance visitors can read a quote from the native poet Odoardo Giansanti to whom the theatre is dedicated. Since its foundation, it has become one of the most active places in the city’s cultural life: it is the historical headquarter of the Festival and every year it hosts numerous events such as dance recitals, theatre plays, conferences and concerts.

Inside the building, two theatre-rooms have been built: the Sala Grande (495 sits:355 in the parterre and 140 in the balcony), and a smaller theatre that in 2015, during the 50+1 festival edition was named after Pier Paolo Pasolini. With its 75 sits, it is dedicated to shorter projections and smaller events.

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Cinema Astra

One of the historical cinemas of the city centre, after a 10-year-long closure, the Cinema Astra resumed its activity in 2019. This same year, the collaboration with the Pesaro Film Festival was renewed and the cinema hosted again some Festival’s events confirming itself as one of the main avant-garde cinemas in Pesaro. (154 sits, xxx for disabled people)

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Cinema on the Beach

The Cinema on the beach is one of most recent innovations of the Festival. Since 2018, the organisers of the Festival decided to project some movies in the most suggestive location in Pesaro: right next to the sea, on the beach. The audience really appreciates this new location which with its 100 sits offers a unique experience that puts together the magic of the seaside and that of the cinema.

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Palazzo Gradari

Palazzo Gradari and its courtyard represent one of the most lively and animated locations of the Festival.

The building is the headquarter of the Rossini Opera Festival administration and will soon host the University of Urbino. However, during the Festival week, some of its rooms and the courtyard become the home of respectively the organisers’ offices and the night events. In some parts of the building, there are the press and the hospitality offices and the management offices while in the courtyard students and journalists interview directors, meet some guests or produce their works about the Festival. In addition, after midnight and when all the shows are over, the special event Il Muro del Suono takes place in the courtyard. Here, cinema and music blend and give life to special nights of live music and other kinds of experimental performances creating the perfect atmosphere to end a busy day of movies and workshops.

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Spazio Bianco

Un progetto cresciuto in seno alla Mostra Internazionale del Nuovo Cinema, che trova compimento per la 56a edizione in un'installazione video-fotografica, nel nuovo spazio cittadino dedicato alla fotografia, grazie alla Fondazione Pescheria - Centro Arti Visive: lo spazio bianco è, per la Mostra come per la città di Pesaro, un nuovo punto di riferimento non solo per esposizioni e installazioni, ma soprattutto per incontri e laboratori.

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and Refreshment

The Pesaro Film Festival is happy to welcome every year several important guests to whom we offer a comfortable and cosy experience in our city. Following, a list of hotels and restaurants in partnership with the Festival. All the hotels are located in the most vibrant area of the city, the seaside, while the restaurants are in the city centre, a few steps away from the main places of the Festival.


Viale Trieste, 88
Phone: 0721 31970

Viale Rovereto, 19
Phone: 0721 35123

Viale Monfalcone, 58
Phone: 0721 64513

Viale Trieste, 221
Phone: 0721 34957

Viale Trento, 161
Phone: 0721 34851

Viale Trieste, 281
Phone: 0721 388100

Viale Della Repubblica, 22
Phone: 0721 67440


Via Venturini, 24
Phone: 0721 68029

Via Baviera, 33
Phone: 0721 33463

Largo Aldo Moro, 10
Phone: 0721 865464

Via Castelfidardo, 69
Phone: 0721 67042

Via Rossini, 82
Phone: 0721 31515