Oscar®-winner Oliver Stone will be at the Pesaro Film Festival on Tuesday, August 25, on the 30th anniversary of his Academy Award for best director for Born on the Fourth of July starring Tom Cruise. He will introduce the Italian edition of his autobiography Chasing the Light now forthcoming with publisher La Nave di Teseo

Oscar®-winning film director, scriptwriter, and producer Oliver Stone is the guest of honour of the 56th Pesaro Film Festival, in collaboration with Regione Marche, the City of Pesaro, the City of Fano, the City of Senigallia, Passaggi Festival, and Genoma Films, at the arena of Piazza del Popolo on the evening of August 25, 9.15pm. 

The festival audience will have the unique opportunity to get to know up close one the major contemporary masters of cinema, who will present a preview of the Italian edition of his autobiography Chasing the Light published by La Nave di Teseo, available in bookstores from August 27.

The two-time Oscar® winner – one for best director of Born on the Fourth of July, to be screened at the open-air cinema of Rocca Costanza on the same night, and one for best screenplay for Midnight Express – will go through his recollections and tell the story of how, before moving to Los Angeles and obtaining international acclaim with Platoon in 1986, he fought in Vietnam and was wounded. After that, he spent years writing screenplays that never got to be produced while he eked out a living in Manhattan with odd jobs.

73-year-old Stone will describe those formative years between highs and lows, including his exchanges with Al Pacino about the screenplays of Platoon, Born on the Fourth of July, and Scarface; the failure of his debut feature, The Hand, starring Michael Caine; the frantic search for money to complete Salvador; and the tensions behind the scenes of Midnight Express.

In short, an unmissable journey into the Hollywood of the Seventies and Eighties and a personal survey of pictures that made film history.