#PESAROFF56 - Daily meetings and Projections in Rocca Costanza - 24/08/20

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21 May 2021
From X Factor to Pesaro: N.A.I.P. performs his Concerto Muto at the 57th Pesaro Film Festival
After the revelation at the latest X Factor run, singer and performer N.A.I.P. is bringing his uniqueness to Pesaro.
14 May 2021
Cinema, Mon Amour: the 57th Pesaro Film Festival's opening theme signed by Donato Sansone
Is now online the opening theme of 57th Pesaro Film Festival. For this edition Donato Sansone created his personal homage to the…
14 May 2021
A beacon (of cinema) in the night: Michele Bernardi designs the poster of the 57 th Pesaro Film Festival
A beacon (of cinema) in the night, a ray of hope on a complex present: this is how we wish…