19 June
Sunday 19-06-2022
time 21:30
Piazza del Popolo

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Abel Ferrara


Italia, Belgio, Francia 2014 , 84'

Special screening - Pasolini 100

with the presence of the director

[Distribuzione italiana Europictures]

Against the rule of the Hollywood biopic and of Italian ‘civil’ cinema, Ferrara does not present unheard-of revelations, nor does he offer a full-blown philological operation. Pasolini according to Ferrara is above all a place. A pure film creation. It is in this place, which can be accessed through different roads - it being an open, porous place - that Ferrara builds a lyrical narrative, like an essay in the form of poetry. Embracing without any hesitation Pasolini’s precepts regarding the cinema of poetry, Ferrara certainly does not refrain from asserting that what we see on the screen is not the Friulian poet, but the image that a film director created of him. Therefore, it should be interpreted and judged not against alleged benchmarks of reality, but based on the work required to make it. (Giona A. Nazzaro)

Sceneggiatura Abel Ferrara, Nicola Tranquillino, Maurizio Braucci
Produttore Thierry Lounas
Casa di produzione Capricci Films, Urania Pictures S.r.l.
Distribuzione in italiano Europictures
Fotografia Stefano Falivene
Montaggio Fabio Nunziata
Cast: Willem Dafoe, Giada Colagrande, Riccardo Scamarcio, Maria de Medeiros, Ninetto Davoli, Adriana Asti, Valerio Mastandrea