22 June
Wednesday 22-06-2022
time 00:00
Palazzo Gradari

pff2021 art marona

Carlos Casas

Carlos Casas presents kamana

Live Set & Visuals

“My work wants to question the physiological power of the audiovisual matter to connect and to make us aware of our environment, our neighboring species and ourselves. The work is supposed to be the gateway to an expanded knowledge guided through cinematic and sonic languages, merging in the spatial setting of installations or live presentations involving live manipulation and audience and artists exchange. My practice questions the body and its connection to place, to culture, to myths and the archetypical imaginary that shape us. My projects normally involve a long research and audiovisual production dealing with cross-cultural dialogue, ethno-ethology interaction, world exploration, cross spiritual dialogue and the search for mytho-historical archetypes that can become vessels to a new awakening or enlightenment.” (Carlos Casas)

WALL OF SOUND 2022 is a supersonic missile of sounds and images, headed to extremely distant spaces, that never leaves us behind. Just as Meliès's rocket sneeringly plunges into the eye of the romantic Moon, so this year's offer shelves affectedness and lessons in style to rediscover the inevitable tension of the juxtaposition of pictures, sound, and text relying on masters of visual processing.
The missile launches with an international guest on Wednesday 22 June, i.e., the versatile Hispanic Carlos Casas, a superb filmmaker and rigorous explorer of sound who, through his own emotional experience, immerses viewers/listeners in deep sensory experiences made of sounds, neo-tribalism, cinematic ethnography, and sonic fluctuations. The hypnotic approach characterizes the night of Thursday 23 June too, with the furious noise, destabilizing, and performatively alcoholic anarchy of System Hardware Abnormal and Lord Henzo. They will embark on a furiously unpredictable journey, on the wake of a heartfelt, disintegrated tribute to Augusto Tretti, one of the cult authors of Italian cinema. The Wall of Sound closes on Friday 24 June with Manuel Bongiorni, the most punk of court jesters, the most unpredictable minstrel in music history. Bongiorni, aka MusicaPerBambini, will sing his Storie della Buoncostume with an overwhelming interactive show of pure, hilarious avant-garde.
In short, the Wall of Sound seeks a return to normality through a hazardous combination of ideas that we see as the only option to leap out of the fatal algorithm and the sharpness of the perfect image, reminiscent of pervasive war drones. We want kites, not satellites!
The valuable collaboration of Gra’ - Non Solo Cibo da Cortile consecrates Palazzo Gradari as the temple of live cinematic experimentation that in the last 10 years hosted artists such as OvO, Bologna Violenta, Spartiti, Emidio Clementi & Jukka Reverberi, Paolo Spaccamonti, OoopopoiooO, Uochi Tochi, Uccelli, Camillas, Torba, Mai Mai Mai, Ramon Moro, N.A.I.P., Daniele Brusaschetto, and many others...
To the dear memory of Mirko Bertuccioli.