21 June
Tuesday 21-06-2022
time 17:40
Teatro Sperimentale - Sala Grande

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Jan Soldat

Staging death

Austria 2022 , 8'

“Udo Kier dies his way through film history. He screams, falls, lies, is chopped up, shot, or he takes his own life. Again and again his empty gaze, again and again his rigid body. In 54 years of acting career Udo Kier played in more than 170 feature films, 120 series episodes and 50 short films. More than 70 times Udo Kier tried to give an expression to dying and death. In Staging Death these representations of death merge into a montage of the most diverse shot sizes, film formats, special effects and sound designs. European auteur cinema, Hollywood blockbuster, independent trash, art installation, television film, commercial, music video and children's series: in Udo Kier's oeuvre, everything becomes one. In this sense, Staging Death also moves between document, essay, found footage, supercut and YouTube clip.” (Jan Soldat)

Filmmaker Portrait Bram Ruiter

Jan Soldat was born 1984 in Karl-Marx-Stadt (now Chemnitz) in the former GDR. He dropped out of several schools, and began working at the Klinikum Chemnitz as a nursing assistant. he began making films, mainly focused on people with mental and physical disabilities, at SAEK. His more than 90 works to date deal with the portrayability of diverse sexual practices and preferences.

Udo Kier Udo Kier ... Self (archive footage)
Produced by Jan Soldat ... producer
Film Editing by Jan Soldat