21 June
Tuesday 21-06-2022
time 17:50
Teatro Sperimentale - Sala Grande

pff2021 art marona

Noé Grenier

Les images qui vont suivre n'ont jamais existe

Francia 2022 , 7'12”

with the presence of the director

Les images qui vont suivre n'ont jamais existé is a found-footage short based on a 35mm trailer of Jan de Bont’s action film Twister. It refers to an incident of collective hallucination of a screening that never took place: the May 22, 1996 screening of the same film at the Can-View Drive-In in southern Canada, cancelled due to a tornado alert. However, according to the urban legend, the viewers actually watched the film until the crucial scene, in the middle of a storm. The director recreates in a subjective, fragmentary way, along the lines of avant-garde cinema, the memory of images never projected, never seen, ultimately never happened – and yet, eerily familiar.

Filmmaker Portrait Bram Ruiter

Noé Grenier is a video artist born in 1987, graduate of ESBA-MOCO (Montpellier) and of Fresnoy Studio National des Arts Contemporains (Tourcoing). He is currently an associated artist at La Malterie (Lille). Early on, he has experimented with video moving images by way of a series of works, installations, photographs, and found footage. Thus, he conducts a reflection on the transformation of the image, and therefore the gaze, in the temporality of viewing.

With the support of :
Atelier 105 residency - Light Cone Paris
Drac Haut-de-France
La Malterie

color grading : Clovis Stocchetti
sound mixing : Yannick Delmaire

16mm on digital video / .Mov or DCP 4096 × 1716 / color / stereo - 5.1 / 7’12