20 June
Monday 20-06-2022
time 18:15
Teatro Sperimentale - Sala Grande

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Carlos Maria Romero

La nave

Colombia 2021 , 52'

First-time filmmaker Carlos Maria Romero translates in film the meaning and spirit of the Carnival de Barranquilla during a year in which gatherings were forbidden. Through clandestinely filmed performances with members of many different communities — indigenous, trans, queer, rural, Afro-Colombian, and radical outsiders among them — Romero, a native of Barranquilla, recreates northern Colombia’s largest cultural event as an essayistic performance film, demonstrating how Carnival is a lifeblood to its many diverse participants. In contemporary Colombian slang, the term “nave”, ship, takes on a futuristic meaning, referring to technological devices and their ability to “shift space”. In fact, this series of encounters establishes a filmic form that mirrors a parade or procession—one of the central components of Carnival.

Filmmaker Portrait Bram Ruiter

Carlos Maria Romero aka Atabey Mamasita is a Colombian Caribbean artist based between London and Berlin. Their multidisciplinary work takes shape through moving image, performance, movement practices, curation, and interventions to protect and enhance cultural heritage practices. They often work in collaboration with charities, architects, and artists collectives, including SPIT! - Sodomites, Perverts, Inverts Together! and Vividero Colectivo.

Camera, film adviser: Giuliano Cavalli

Co-Editor: Jorge Mario Suárez UrariyúEditing

Support: Lene Volhardt

Technical support: James Irwin

Sound engineering: Santiago Latorre

Sound recordist: Henry Burgos Luna

Music: La Perla "Bruja", Millo de Chorrera

Production manager: Daniela Franco

Production support: 'Jimmy' Correa Jaramillo

Research adviser: Francisco Gonzalez Rosales

Text and subtitles editor: David Edgar

Kogi people: Félix Zarabata, Ignacio Zarabata, Mariano Chimunquero, Juan de Jesús Chimunquero

“Travesti” archive reseracher: Danny González Cueto

Joselito’ widows: Hanner Sánchez de Alba, Carlos Maria Romero, Rubén Barrios, Lea / Leonardo Charris Pertuz

Gay Queen of Rebolo: Sheyla Campbell Salas de los Monteros

Makeup artist: José Alejandro Rosales Acosta

Champeta dancer: Luis Fernando Sarabia Gonzalez

Performance artist: Hellvira / Elvira Lavey Dracul

Club owner KZ Son Palenque: Ramón Cardona Reyes

Poet: Faustino Torres Valdez

Radio host / Fundacion Lokassa: Sidney Reyes Reyes

Linguist: Manuel Hernández Valdez

Harlequin Devil: Ruvén Suárez Urariyú

Millo de Chorrera: Alfredo Molina Molinares, Ulises Molina Molinares, Alvaro Hernández Echeverria, Anselmo Molina Molina, Anselmo Molina Hernandez, Janer Hernandez Rodriguez

La Nave de Lxs Locxs’ organizer: Francisco Gonzalez Rosales

Dancers: Fiorela Calderón Matera, José Yeye

Neighbors: Keyla Masiel Casallas Caceres, Concepción Miranda Herrera