23 June
Thursday 23-06-2022
time 17:30
Teatro Sperimentale - Sala Grande

pff2021 art marona

Philip Cartelli, Mariangela Ciccarello


Grecia, Italia, Usa 2022 , 6'

with the presence of the director

"The four corners of the hexagon." The essence of a well-known polygon, its applications and appropriations, are explored through geometry, history, and cinema. Polygons are everywhere, or rather, everywhere is a polygon.

Filmmaker Portrait Bram Ruiter

The film and video work of Philip Cartelli (1984, USA) has been exhibited at the Locarno Film Festival, Edinburgh International Film Festival, Visions du Réel, Torino Film Festival, and Film at Lincoln Center’s Art of the Real, among other venues. A former member of the Sensory Ethnography Lab, he currently teaches in the Department of Visual Arts at Wagner College in New York City.

After living and working in Italy and France, Mariangela Ciccarello (1983, Italy) relocated to the US, where she pursued graduate studies and currently teaches filmmaking in New York City. Her films have been featured at the Locarno Film Festival, Edinburgh International Film Festival, Torino Film Festival, Film at Lincoln Center and Microscope Gallery among other venues.

Cinematography: Philip Cartelli, Mariangela Ciccarello
Sound: Philip Cartelli, Mariangela Ciccarello
Editing: Philip Cartelli, Mariangela Ciccarello
Color: Alberto Garcia Ballesteros, Lara Vilanova Sentís
Sound mix: Rob Lombardo
Production: Nusquam