22 June
Wednesday 22-06-2022
time 18:00
Teatro Sperimentale - Sala Grande

exploding stars1

Jennifer Rainsford

All our heartbeats are connected through exploding stars

Svezia 2022 , 76’29’’

with the presence of the director

March 11, 2011. First, the largest earthquake in Japan's modern history and then, thirty minutes later, dark tsunami waves roar in over the coast of North-Eastern Japan. As the water retreats from land it drags cars, homes and lives out into the sea. To the dramatic tones of composer Teho Teardo’s music, the film moves from the shores of Japan to the islands of Hawaii, via rarely seen places thousands of meters below sea level, and meet several characters, all coping with their traumas in different, particular ways. Meanwhile on the other side of the ocean, in the Hawaiian island of Kaho’olawe a group of volunteers are gathering to clean the beach from Japanese tsunami debris floating in from the Ocean, all while sharing stories of the afterlife.

Filmmaker Portrait Bram Ruiter

Jennifer Rainsford is a visual artist and director based in Stockholm. Her short films and installations have been shown at festivals such as Oberhausen, Berlinale, Rotterdam, and CPH:DOX. Her film Lake on fire was selected for the main competition “Startsladden” at Gothenburg IFF 2020. Stories from the Debris was her first feature-length documentary.

Co-producer: Kerstin Überlacker
Production Manager:
Script: Jennifer Rainsford
Director of Photography: Karolina Pajak, Iga Mikler, Wojtek Sulezycki
Sound: Jennifer Rainsford, Haruna Hirano
Editor: Camille Cotte, Amalie Westerlin Tjellesen
Composer: Teho Teardo
Sound design: Ted Krotkiewski, re-recording mixer: Robert Hefter