20 June
Monday 20-06-2022
time 17:45
Teatro Sperimentale - Sala Grande

pff2021 art marona

Bram Ruiter

A weave of light

Paesi Bassi 2021 , 10'41”

with the presence of the director

Six people imagine what could be on an undeveloped super8 cartridge of unknown origin. The resulting film is a visual stream of consciousness. The super8 cartridge will remain undeveloped. “As I was conducting the interviews, I noticed that each conversation centred on perception (seeing/being seen). And in that recurring theme, I felt a lot of anxiety and doubt. I was always very careful to respect that and to try to stay true to their stories and ideas. That's how it kinda happened that most of their details are cut short: their voices are there not to reveal any information, but to give a sense of what they sound like while we're seeing what they imagined. A different type of intimacy.” (Bram Ruiter)

Filmmaker Portrait Bram Ruiter

Bram Ruiter (1989) is a filmmaker from The Netherlands. Through a collage-like approach to form he examines processes, behaviour, and structure. He often works from existing materials. His 2014 documentary series Super Game Jam was first screened at A Maze Fest in Berlin. In 2019, the experimental Perpetual Spawning won the Critic's Choice award at the Milan Machinima Festival.

Made with Rob Peters (composition & sound), 

Lindsey Fontijn (goldsmith),

Susanne van Paridon (sculpture), 

Glenn Plaisier (tites) 

& Devan Scott (visual consultant). 

Processed by Super8 Reversal Lab and digitised by Onno Petersen. 

Funded by ArtPitch038.