22 June
Wednesday 22-06-2022
time 17:00
Teatro Sperimentale - Sala Grande

pff2021 art marona

Andrius Žemaitis


Lituania 2021 , 39'

with the presence of the director

The most stunning visual features of this mid-length film, that garnered the Best Lithuanian film prize at New Baltic Cinema, are the vast crane cab –reminiscent of a dolly crane – and its leading character, elf-like, fair-haired, Pippi Longstocking-esque Alizava, not to mention the spectral surroundings she explores, including derelict houses and an open-air clay mine. “This is a story about an orphan girl, Alizava, and her unfamiliar father, whose soul inhabits various things. In an abandoned mansion a childish ritual commences, erasing the line between the living and the dead. A silent dialogue between the girl and her father summons others. Who are they?” Andrius Žemaitis

Andrius Zemaitis

Andrius Žemaitis studied graphics and industrial design at the Vilnius Academy of Arts. In 2010, he co-founded the audio-visual duo “BrainMonk”. They recorded and released 24 experimental free improvisation albums. This led to a deeper understanding of visual experiences; sound improvisations evolved into audiovisual works, which in turn paved the way to more complex, abstract film projects.

Main characters:
Matilda Žemaitytė – Alizava
Albinas Uzdanavičius – Grandfather
Rimas Šileikis – Father
Gaudentas Aukštikalnis – Father and Radio voice
Gabrielė Šaulytė – Žemaitė – Mother
Violeta Mickevičiūtė Urbienė – Mother voice

Other characters of souls:

Rimas Šileikis – Soul I
Gaudentas Aukštikalnis – Soul II
Vytas Bebras – Soul III
Romualdas Petraitis – Soul IV
Jonas Bieliauskas – Soul V
Jonas Štukys – Soul VI
Juozas Šaulys – Soul VII
Jonas Puodžiukynas – Soul VIII


Albertas Navickas
Sunrise Of The West - ST 1
Memory Lines - ST 2
Graži tu savo... - ST 3
Mirimas - ST 4 [by Albertas Navickas]

Rūta Vitkauskaitė
The Gate - ST 5
O Mirum - ST 6 [by Rūta Venus]

Visual and audio design:

Antanas Makštutis – clarinet performer
Albertas Navickas – advisor of sound art
Marius Paulikas – advisor of technical sound
Gabrielė Šaulytė - Žemaitė – advisor of edit
Andrius Žemaitis – edit
Film development and scanning:
NFI – National Film Institute Hungary [Film Lab]