23 June
Friday 23-06-2023
time 21:00
Teatro Sperimentale - Sala Grande

Il mio film

Agnès Perrais


Francia 2023 , 83'


With the presence of the director and the selector Federico Rossin

A film in Super 8 and 16mm formats that runs along ancient Florence, worrying not too much about the modern one that occasionally overlaps; it runs along the frescoes, the tapestries, the details, both in iconographic and material terms. Two narrators alternate, taking us back to the Ciompi Revolt, an actual revolution that unravelled precisely among the stones and the alleys and churches that we see. But the 14th century protest of the labouring classes is contrasted with an amazingly similar present-day fight. “[With analogue film] it’s a particular way of shooting: each shot is carefully prepared, there is great concentration in the moment of shooting, in the unity of shot, which I like. I also wanted to have two different formats, a more mobile part in Super 8, and another more ‘staged,’ on a tripod, in 16mm. I love the texture of these images.” (Agnès Perrais)


MILENA GIERKE crediti Martin Schoeller


Agnès Perrais, born in Paris, began by directing documentaries, while also completing a doctoral thesis on the links between lyricism and politics in cinema. She experienced the practice of analogue film at the shared workshops L’Etna and L’Abominable. Besides making collages and rayograms, she pursues her cinematic research in film working on both documentary forms (Ciompi, 2023) and short, more experimental, poetic forms (Marin miroir, 2021, Navire, 2017).


cinematography Agnès Perrais, Frédérique Menant
editing Marie Bottois & Agnès Perrais
sound Marie Bottois
production L’image d’après (Lysa Heurtier Manzanares & Orlane Dumas) & La surface de dernière diffusion
cast Alessandro Stella