21 June
Wednesday 21-06-2023
time 17:00
Teatro Sperimentale - Sala Grande

Il mio film

Ardélia Istarú


Costa Rica/Francia/Belgio 2022 , 28'35''


“In 1982, accompanying my father to Paris, my Costa Rican mother sent a series of letters to her parents when she arrived in the French capital. Forty years later, I found these letters and now revisit a story full of pain in order to better understand my own arrival on the [European] continent and my personal journey.” The epistolary medium – a classic – lends itself to depict a face-off between generations and continents, unmasking several lies, in which the realism is altogether evoked by the voiceovers that read the letters, partially ‘edited’ by the film director, while it receives little support from a few vintage photos and footage of the places that then leave the visual field to a long series of abstract images.


MILENA GIERKE crediti Martin Schoeller


Ardélia Istarú (born 1998) is a French-Costa Rican filmmaker graduated in videography from the school of graphic research ERG, in Brussels. She has an experimental approach to politics around intimacy through documentary and animation.


cinematography Ardélia Istarù
production Ardélia Istarù
voices Ana Istarù, Ardélia Istarù
production Tres Tristes Tigres (Valentina Maurel)