22 June
Thursday 22-06-2023
time 23.59
Palazzo Gradari

pff2021 art marona

Giacomo Laser


Italy 2023 , 45'

presenta TERREMOTO di Giacomo Laser

A young man enrols by mistake in a class on earthquakes and technology. Reasons slip away; music is like a boa, a snake that squeezes you, and a hold that saves you. Giacomo Laser recites a simple story and plays live music in real time. Giacomo vs. Giacomo, something that makes your pulses race. A still unreleased work and a world premiere in Pesaro.

Giacomo Laser was born in Ivrea, Italy, on October 28, 1985. A poet, a versatile and unpredictable artist, he roams between video, music, painting, and performance. His artistic practice is based on an ontological research and realizes by way of the creation and embodiment of a multitude of characters who describe themselves and their point of view on reality.


a cura di Anthony Ettorre, Vittorio Ondedei, Giuliano Antinori

Visual tribalism, ritual ethnicism, sensory trips, emotional instability, archival deviance. Just a few of the senses that characterize this new run of THE WALL OF SOUND. Visions interwoven with sound to be enjoyed in what has become a little sanctuary of outright experimentation: Palazzo Gradari. Four events across the board offered by musicians and filmmakers in search of a new gaze and new perceptions. The image breaks out of the screen almost as a novel clandestine, settling on a 16th-century wall to share its mutation, its new form, with the audience. THE WALL OF SOUND 2023 is pyrotechnics of encounters between pictures and sounds. First of all, the Wall and the welcoming Gra’. And, electric power too! Bricks and energy: 4 evenings of lightnings that will dart around the spectators just arrived at the beginning of a dark night after the festival screenings have ended. They will find music entwining with film images, thus changing the destinies of both: the eye gets confused and finds out that it can see more than usual, while the ear gets startled when sound vibrates between the moving images and sets free from all that it used to be. Nothing can be done about it: if you land in the Gra’ courtyard with the right heartbeat, then fireworks – even in slo-mo – are inevitable.
And then you’ll see glitter everywhere, remembering Mirko.