Luca Lumaca signs the poster and the theme song for the 59th edition of the Pesaro Film Festival

The Pesaro Nuovo Cinema Foundation is proud to present the poster and theme song for the 59th edition of the Mostra del Cinema, in Pesaro from 17-24 June, 2023.

While waiting to discover the guests and the rich program of the new edition of the festival, artist LUCA LUMACA signs the poster and the theme song that portray the sense and character of a multifaceted festival that has always been on the cutting edge. Born in 1978 in Italy, he has been a photographer since 1997 and has since worked in the field of advertising for major Italian and international companies. Since 2001 he has been creating music and commercial videos, becoming the author of video clips for some of the most interesting musicians on the Italian and international scene (Gianna Nannini, Subsonica, Coez, I Cani, Bluvertigo, just to name a few).

"The basis of the idea," Lumaca clarifies, "is the breakdown of the festival logo into the three simple geometric shapes that compose it. Three symbols for three shots of three possible films, set in locations that can be traced back to the Adriatic Riviera: the square for a beach scene from a drama, the round for a scene in a pine forest from a comedy, and finally the triangle for a metacinema scene. The festival puts together these different narrative souls, just as the hand of the girl off-screen puts together the parts that make up the final logo."

On a technical level, the artist chooses "the graphics composed in a physical, analog way, directly inserted into the footage, of the final sign, created with a felt-ribbed board like those that appeared in bars until the late 1980s." Instead, a game of double takes with double focus is used to create the scenes with geometric symbols.


Direction and subject: Luca Lumaca

Editing and editing: Matteo Bombarda

Color correction: Davide Polato

Soundtrack: Luca Giovanardi



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